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Exede High Speed Internet serves customers in rural areas and throughout the country, particularly those customers that cable does not reach. New technology, better reach than DSL in rural areas and new data plans make Exede a better choice.

Exede Internet: The Reinvention of Satellite Internet

Exede High Speed Internet is not like any other internet service. Technology behind Exede is both on the earth and in orbit, making Exede satellite internet super fast and super reliable. Exede is not like the others, so we encourage those looking for fast, reliable internet to give Exede a try.

Exede High Speed Internet connection speeds are available up to 12 Mbps, making Exede one of the fastest and most reliable satellite internet choices in the world. Millions of people all over the globe rely on Exede's outstanding reputation founded in our satellites.

Exede High Speed Internet Installation Is Fast

Customers in rural areas love that they can get lightning fast speeds from Exede, even for those far outside of cities with few internet options. Exede customers are pleased with their internet speed and connection reliability. Setting up Exede internet is quick and easy, so browsing, surfing and online shopping can start right away.

The installation and new customer setup process is easy with Exede. Conducted by experienced professionals, Exede installation ensures you have a smooth experience from the start. One of the big differences between Exede and other internet service providers throughout the world is the fact that Exede only employs the best installation professionals. Another difference is the fast, more reliable connectivity our customers experience with Exede. Once you enjoy Exede's speed and reliability, you will never look at another internet service provider.

Choose Your Plan with Exede

To get to know how powerful and speedy Exede internet is, simply choose a plan that works to fit your needs. Exede is available in both urban and rural areas, providing all of our customers with the same internet access at the same amazing speeds. Once you try Exede, you will see how DSL and cable internet connection were not what you needed. Satellite internet services by Exede lead in innovation and provide millions of customers throughout the world with better, faster internet for:

  • Checking email
  • Playing games online
  • Streaming music and movies
  • Working from home
  • Online shopping
  • And much more

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