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Exede Internet is High Speed Internet for Rural Customers

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Exede is high speed internet powered by satellite internet, a fascinating form of web connectivity. Internet signals are beamed to the sky to the Exede ViaSat-1 satellite. The signal starts at a ground station, hits the satellite and delivers strong, reliable internet directly to your home's mounted dish. The dish is connected to your modem, from which Exede provides you and all of your family's devices with top-quality internet access. Once your computer or wireless router are connected to the modem, you can enjoy all that Exede high speed internet has to offer.

Exede Plans and Pricing

Exede's popular and advanced internet connection plans provide high speed service and unlimited bandwidth. All of this is delivered to today's customers through advanced satellite and ground technology that outperforms DSL and cable internet. Exede provides internet in rural places where cable and fiber optic internet do not reach.

If you live in a region unable to gain service through cable or fiber optic internet, Exede satellite internet can provide you with hours of fast, reliable internet use. Use Exede high speed internet to:

  • Browse the web
  • Check email
  • Work from home
  • Play online games
  • Socialize with friends
  • Download files
  • Stream music or movies
  • And more!

Exede Is Fast and Reliable

There are many advantages gained by using Exede for fast, reliable internet. Those advantages include:

  • Fast downloads: Exede assures you of fast downloads at speeds of 12 Mbps for all customers with unlimited service in some areas.
  • Fast uploads: Exede high speed internet provides upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps. Video chats with Skype, content sharing, file and image uploads and so much more can be shared with others via the web using Exede.
  • Fast Installation: Professional installers provide fast, top-quality installation for Exede customers. The dish is quickly installed so your home internet can start quickly and smoothly. Say farewell to slow, outdated dialup and DSL for all of the benefits Exede provides its satellite internet customers.

Your high speed internet by Exede is operated by experts in information technology who have designed sophisticated technological systems for top-level enterprises around the world.

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