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Exede Voice Home Phone Service

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Sharing great news with someone you care about has never been better. Exede Voice home phone service provides you with the ability to talk without limits through unlimited local and long distance service that extends throughout the 50 United States and Canada. Exede Voice is a VoIP service, voice over IP. This means you save each month, not having to pay extra fees you must with traditional home phone service. With Exede Voice, there is no concern about monthly data allowances because Exede Voice does not use your monthly plan for phone data usage.

Provides unlimited local and long distance calls in the United States and Canada

Using Exede Voice, you enjoy these great benefits:

  • Save money on your home phone service, when compared to traditional telephone service.
  • You won't use your monthly data allowance with Exede Voice.
  • You can keep your current home phone number or get a new one for Exede Voice.
  • International calls to Canada are included with unlimited local and long distance.
  • Other international calls can be made at great Exede Voice rates.
  • Voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, emailed voicemails, caller ID and other features are provided.
  • Exede Voice integrates with Exede High Speed Internet seamlessly, unlike using Vonage or other third party VoIP providers.
  • Your Exede High Speed Internet and Exede Voice home phone service are invoiced all on one monthly bill, making your accounting and payments fast and easy.

Better Service for Your Home Phone and High Speed Internet from Exede

Because Exede Voice is VoIP service, your voice packets are top priority over other traffic, ensuring top quality sound - unlike the experience of a third party VoIP like Vonage. Those services use up your monthly internet plan, but Exede Voice does not! With Vonage or other services, you experience voice transmission interruptions that you don't on Exede Voice, too! Exede is the better choice versus other VoIP.

There are a variety of Exede Voice and data plans designed to meet your family's needs. Exede Voice does not use your High Speed Internet data allowances, ensuring you can talk as long as you want to the people who matter most to you!

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